REPP moves to Open Beta

REPP - Open Beta

We appreciate all of you taking part in our private beta – it helped us a lot, and we’ve made some great updates because of it.

After a successful private beta, we’re happy to announce OPENING OUR BETA to the public – we’re giving away REPP Profiles on a first-come-first-served basis – so make sure to tell your friends.

As we make this transition we’d love two minutes to gather your FEEDBACK. We would definitely appreciate those of you who didn’t fully complete your profile to let us know any issues that you ran into.

And here are a few updates of note.

– We’ve added LinkedIn integration, so you can now easily add you photo with one click.

– We’ve enhanced our profile creation wizard, allowing users to preview their created profile prior to promoting it

– We’ve added other general additions to the user experience, including walk through screencasts for Dating, Commerce, and Networking

Thanks again for your help.

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